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The following table describes the attributes used by the Analog Status Determination module.

Table 1. Analog Status Determination Attributes


Type 1 Description Default Value
Fan State   Indicates the calculated status of the fan array using a Boolean format:
  • False = Off
  • True = On
Fan Status   Indicates the calculated status of the fan array using the off/on enum set. Off
Minimum Running Devices   Indicates the minimum number of devices that constitute fan operation. 8
Number of Devices (input)   Indicates maximum number of devices wired to the single input. 8
Number of Devices (output)   Indicates calculated number of operating devices. 9
Resistance 1   Indicates current resistance measured by the analog input. 100
Resistance per Fan   Indicates number of Ohms each fan status reduces the measured resistance by. 100
1 C - Configuration Mode Only, G - Default Element (Generated State, if applicable), SC - Simulation and Commissioning Modes Only, V - Calculated Value (Outputs)