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Table 1 describes the Position Adjust Output object commands. For information about command priorities, see Command Priority Levels.

Table 1. Position Adjust Output Commands




Releases Priorities 9 through 15 and sets Priority 16 to the value you specify. Present Value (Appears as I1) changes to the highest pending priority table value.

In Service

Cancels the effects of an Out of Service command. This command changes Out of Service to False and reconnects the input to the hardware. Commands can be sent to the object when it is in service. If you make changes to Present Value when Out of Service is True, the hardware is commanded when you issue the In Service command.

Operator Override

Replaces Present Value (Appears as I1) at the Operator Override priority with the value you enter in the command. The override has no effect if a higher priority value is in the Present Value attribute.

Operator Override Release

Releases an Operator Override command.

Out of Service

Changes Out of Service to True, Present Value to the value you specify, Status to Out of Service, and Reliability to Reliable. Present Value and Reliability are not connected to the hardware when the input is out of service, so this is the only time they are writable. Commands cannot be sent to the hardware output when Out of Service is True. The output does not update when the object is out of service.


Releases a specific priority of Present Value (Appears as I1).

Release All

Releases Priorities 3 through 15.