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Controller Configuration Tool
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  1. In the Perspective Management dialog box, select the Orientation container you want to configure.
  2. Enter a Name and a Description (optional) for the Orientation container. The name appears in the UI and the description appears as a tooltip when you hover over the component in the UI.
    Note: If you are using the Orientation container for organization only, you do not need to name the container.
  3. Select the Visible check box to show the container within the UI, or clear the check box to hide the container in the UI.
  4. Click the Orientation drop-down box and select Vertical or Horizontal. (See Figure 2 in Orientation for examples.)
  5. Select the Resizable check box to allow resizing the container within the UI (recommended), or clear the check box to lock the size of the container. (See Figure 3 in Orientation for an example.)
  6. If the Orientation container has subcomponents in the Display Order field, click the up arrow () or down arrow () to reorder the items. (See Changing the Display Order of Components for more information.)
  7. Click Apply.
  8. Click Close.