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The Connections table appears in the Connection tab of the Features Panel in all modes. This table can show the connections for one or more modules and the State Selection tables. The Connections table displays the source and destination module and port data with the associated input and output connection of the selected module. In this table, inputs appear yellow and outputs appear turquoise.

In the Control tab, you can select to view connections for one module, multiple modules in a module category, State Selector only, or you can click Show All to view all connections.

In the Logic tab, you can select a module in the Activities tree to view the connections for the selected module. You can also select a module in the BACnet Exposed tab to view and update the Connections table.

Note: Select the Freeze Connection check box to prevent the Connections table from dynamically changing as you select modules.
Figure 1. Connections Table Show All Menu

For Inputs and Outputs, the default value appears after the input/output name during Configuration mode (for example, Present Value - False or Input - False). During Simulation and Commissioning mode, the current value/present value appears after the input/output name. The following table describes the right-click menu options of the Connections table.

Table 1. Connections Table Right-Click Menus

Menu Option



Break Connection



Disconnects the current connection and leaves the connection blank.

Change Connection



Launches a dialog box allowing the user to choose from a tree of available blocks and ports.

Expose Ports

Selected Module Header

Opens the Port Exposure dialog box to show or hide ports from connection. You cannot remove the selection for connected ports as such ports are disabled in this dialog box.

Make Connection