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Controller Configuration Tool
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The BACnet Exposed widget allows you to view the parameters exposed for BACnet systems in a tree format. The names of the nodes, objects, and the structure of the tree all update if changes are made to the application. In this widget, you can switch between viewing all points or viewing only the points that are BACnet Exposed. Within these views, you can quickly filter on the name of the node, or show the description of the node. This widget also contains the Mass Edit Dialog Box. The Mass Edit feature allows you to filter on name, show all points, show only BACnet Exposed points, show hardware (control points, sensors, and miscellaneous points), show duplicate points, and edit values.

The BACnet Exposed widget is shown in the Features Panel of the Classic View workspace; however, you can add this widget to any Perspective you configure. See the Classic View section to view the location of the BACnet Exposed widget within the Classic View workspace.