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The Perspectives tab provides a list of perspectives available within your perspectives library. Every perspective that you have in your library appears in this view, including the default Simple and Classic View perspectives (these cannot be edited or deleted). See the following figure and table for a description of the Perspectives Tab.

Figure 1. Perspectives Tab

Table 1. Perspectives Tab
Field Description
Component Trees

Displays a list of perspectives and different types of configurable components. See Container and Widget.

When you right-click a component within the tree, a menu appears that allows you to delete, cut, copy, or paste the selected component.

Note: Perspectives are listed in alphabetical order by default and cannot be reordered. Subcomponents can be reordered using the Display Order property.

Provides action buttons for managing perspective components in the tree. When you hover your mouse over an icon, a tooltip appears showing the action.

  • : Import
  • : Export
  • : Add Perspective
  • : Add Container
  • : Add Widget

The toolbar also includes a number box where you can select the number of components to add (1 to 10).

Custom Configuration Panel Provides specific information that applies to the selected node within the component tree.
Apply When an application is open, clicking this button applies a change to the current perspective or switches to a different perspective to the UI. For example, if you add a widget and click Apply, that widget appears in the currently displayed perspective. If you select a different perspective and click Apply, your UI changes to that perspective. When no application is open, you can make and apply changes to a perspective within the Perspectives tree, but you do not see these changes until you open an application showing the perspective.
Close Closes the dialog box.
Opens the online help system.