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Note: We recommend that only advanced users and users who require custom applications configure the BACoid data criteria type. Assigned BACoids may change between revisions of the controller tool.

The BACoid data criteria type allows you to specify objects by BACoid. When you have an application open, you can select a BACoid from a tree that represents the entire application. This tree also presents user-friendly naming. Otherwise, you can specify a BACoid similar to a peer reference (a combo box for selecting the object's class, and a field for specifying the instance ID).

The Details Data widget and the Table Data widget support the BACoid data criteria type. When working with a Table Data widget, you can specify the BACoids that appear in the UI using the Table Data configuration panel. See Figure 1. When working with the Details Data widget, you can specify that details data of a chosen BACoid appear in the UI. The following figure provides an example of a Table Data widget configured for BACoid data criteria, and a Details Data widget configured to show the details of HTGMODE.

Figure 1. Table Data with BACoid Data Criteria (Left) and Details Data with BACoid Data Criteria (Right)