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The Orientation container specifies the orientation of components (vertical or horizontal). For example, in the Classic View, the Network Inputs, Inputs, and Miscellaneous components are arranged in a vertical orientation, where they appear stacked vertically. However, within the Control tab, the module categories are arranged horizontally, or next to each other. See Figure 2 for an example of Vertical and Horizontal orientation.

The following two figures illustrate the Orientation property. Figure 1 shows two Table Data widgets within a Vertical Orientation container and two Table Data widgets within a Horizontal Orientation as the configuration appears within the Perspectives tab of the Perspective Management dialog box. Figure 2 shows how these widgets appear in the UI.

Figure 1. Perspective Tree Example Orientation Container Configuration

Figure 2. Perspective View of Vertically and Horizontally Oriented Table Data Widgets

Orientation containers also include a Resizable property. When selected, the container includes splitter bars so you can adjust the size of the subcomponents. When Resizable is not selected, you cannot adjust the size of the subcomponents. For example, in Figure 3, the container on the left is not resizable, and decreasing the size of the container does not affect the size of the subcomponents. Consequently, you must use the scroll bar to view all of the subcomponents. The container on the right is resizable and includes a splitter bar (circled in the following figure) to resize the subcomponents as the size of the container decreases.

Figure 3. Resizable Property Example