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  1. Log on to the NAE, and view the FC Bus object in the Focus Window.
  2. Select the Engineering tab.
  3. Use the Integration Tree to find the object you want to add. For example, if you want to add the Cooling PID attribute PRAC Status, open the control application in the tree, the output module that contains the PID, an activity in the module that contains the PID, and then the PID. All attributes of the PID appear, including PRAC Status.
  4. Double-click the object. Object details appear in the right pane.
  5. Verify that the BACnet Exposed attribute is set to False (Figure 1). If it is not set to False, click Edit and change the attribute from True to False.
  6. Scroll down and record the object identifier found at the bottom of the Details list (Figure 1).
    Figure 1. Object Identifier