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Figure 1 provides an overview of PID Control in the Logic view of the CCT/PCT UI. To display this view, right-click the output controller in the CCT/PCT UI, and select View Logic. When the Logic view appears on the activity state output, double-click the Control mode. This view shows the flow of the PID. If you want to view further details of the PID, such as PRAC Status, right-click the PID and select View > Details.

Note: More properties are available to view in Simulate mode and Commission mode than in Configure mode. If you want to view more properties, such as PRAC Status, Eff Proportional Band, or Eff Integral Time, make sure to choose Simulate mode or Commission mode in CCT/PCT.
Figure 1. PID Control in Logic View

Figure 2 shows the PID details in Configure mode, and Figure 3 shows the PID details in Simulate mode or Commission mode.

Figure 2. PID Details - Configure Mode