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Make sure that the following requirements have been met before you attempt to use PRAC+ adaptive tuning in your systems.
  • Heating and cooling media must be available and enabled.
  • Air and water systems must be balanced and able to provide the required capacity.
  • Valves and dampers must be selected, installed correctly, and performing normally.
  • Valve and damper actuators must be mounted, wired correctly, calibrated, and operating normally.
  • VFD must be calibrated and in auto mode. The low limit of the PID must match the minimum of the drive.
  • Sensors must be wired and located properly.

If the controller has operated for some time and the mechanical system has not operated as it should (for example, the reheat control has operated without hot water available), you should reset the tuning parameters and let the controller start over. See Resetting Tuning Parameters.

Note: PRAC+ adaptive tuning and manual tuning cannot correct for mechanical system design problems or systems that cannot deliver predictable, repeatable responses.