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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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  • Off: Sets the Percent Cmd to 0%.

  • Max: The Percent Cmd is set to 100%.

  • Limited Max: Set the Percent Cmd to the Limited Max Value.

  • Hold: Hold the Percent Cmd at the current value. If the Output Overridden is true, then the Output Position input is passed to the Cooling Percent Cmd.

  • Water Flush: Sets the Percent Cmd to Flush Position.

  • Control: Adjust the Percent Cmd to control the Process Variable. If the Process Variable is reliable, the module controls the output to maintain the process variable at the Setpoint. If the input PID Tuning Reset is not Normal, the Reset Tuning input to the PID is set to true causing the PID to recalculate its tuning parameters.

  • Failsoft: Set the Percent Cmd to the Failsoft value.