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The module sections include general information, such as description, attributes, and use in applications. Some modules include an additional reliability section with specific information for that module. Unless otherwise stated, for all other modules, the reliability attribute is generally described as follows.

If the source point of a connection is unreliable, the destination point uses the last reliable value or, if none exists, it uses the Default Value. This process dynamically breaks the connection if the source is not reliable and then remakes the connection when the source becomes reliable. The reliability of all modules reflects the reliability of its outputs. If any output is not reliable, then the module is not reliable. All outputs of the module are associated with the reliability of the module itself and retain their previous values when the outputs are not reliable.

The output controllers use the following general philosophies:

  • Two Position Devices: Two position devices can be off/on or closed/open. These controllers typically support modes of Close/Open/Hold or Off/On/Hold.

  • Variable Devices: Variable devices are modulated to control a process variable. These controllers typically support modes for the following purposes:
    • control the system (pressurize, depressurize, purge, water flush, and so on)

    • close the device

    • turn off the device

    • set the device to a maximum position

    • set the device to a user-defined position

    • control the process variable

    • control to the limit process variable

    • ramp to a position (move at a selected rate)

See the Upgrading System Files section for a list and description of the module and System Selection changes that were made since the last release of the tool.