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The System Selection Tree includes an N2 Compatibility Options selection to enable reusing much of the existing N2 supervisor's configuration when replacing a legacy N2 controller. For all air-side applications, the N2 Compatibility Option selection provides an interface that is similar to the legacy N2 application.

When N2 Compatibility Options is selected in a System Selection Tree, the tool generates the appropriate network inputs and network outputs and provides input translation modules to convert legacy points into the current application points. Based on the selections, the tool also generates output translation modules that provides the output interface used in earlier N2 applications. The air-side applications fully update the interface used by N2 applications. The N2 Compatibility Options selection allows you to create replacement applications for the most frequently used N2 applications.

Note: Zone configurations were not provided for multi-zone air handling units in previous products. Therefore, you must provide N2 mapping addresses for zones for multi-zone units.