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You can define N2 compatible controllers as AHUs, UNTs, VAVs, and vendor devices (VNDs). The following tables show the point limits of the controllers. Use these tables to determine the point limits of the N2 controller and of the device that the controller is defined as, and use the lower of the two limits. For example, if you define a General Purpose Controller as an AHU, your point limit for AIs is 8, as defined in the AHU Point Mapping to N2 Supervisors (Table 1), and not the potential of 12 shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Controller Point Limitations
Network Point Type Network Point Address
Advanced Application Controllers General Purpose Controllers VAV Controllers 1
AI 1–50 1–12 1–8
BI 1–50 1–12 1–8
AO 1–50 1–10 1–8
BO 1–50 1–15 1–8
adf 1–256 1–256 1–256
adi 1–256 1–256 1–256
bd 1–256 1–256 1–256
1 This does not include CVM Controllers, which have the same point limits as Advanced Application Controllers.