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The N2 Mapping tab of the Define Hardware dialog allows you to create, remove, modify, and view application point mapping for an N2 object in a controller. The N2 Mapping tab is available for all controller tool applications, including those that do not have the N2 Compatibility Options selection.

The N2 Mapping tab organizes points in a series of subtabs. If you select N2 Compatibility Options in the System Selection Tree, the points are organized into tabs consistent with the existing N2 application (Figure 1). If you do not select N2 Compatibility Options, or for applications that do not display the N2 Compatibility Options selection, the tabs are organized by point type (Figure 2).

When you create a new controller application for N2, you must use the N2 mapping functionality to assign N2 point references.

The points that appear in the N2 Mapping tab must be BACnet Exposed. You can modify the points that appear by using the BACnet Exposed widget. See the Adding and Removing N2 Points section.

Figure 1. N2 Mapping Tab with Compatibility Options Selected