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This section contains a table describing the module group’s attributes/parameters. The table has four columns:

  • Name: Indicates the name of the attribute/parameter. If the attribute/parameter has a separate BACnet Exposed name, it is listed first, followed by the standard attribute/parameter name in parenthesis; for example. SA-AREA (Supply Area).

  • Type: Indicates the attribute/parameter’s type. Options include:

    • Configuration Mode Only (C): Indicates if the attribute/parameter appears in only the Configuration mode.

    • Default Element (Generated State, if applicable) (G): Identifies the attribute/parameter designated as the logic’s Default Element, which appears in the Control View columns below the module name. If applicable, the attribute/parameter is also a state generated by the module’s logic.

    • Simulation and Commissioning Modes Only (SC): Indicates if the attribute/parameter appears in only the Simulation and Commissioning modes.

    • Calculated Value (Outputs) (V): Indicates if the attribute/parameter is a value calculated by module’s logic and configuration in the State Tables. This attribute/parameter appears in the Parameters table and/or in the Details dialog box.

Note: All attributes/parameters are exposed to BACnet systems by default (BACnet Exposed attributes/parameters in the Details dialog box are True) and appear in the Parameters table. The BACnet Exposed Parameter (B) indication type has been removed from the Help system’s attribute tables.
  • Description: Describes the function of the attribute/parameter.

  • Default Value: Indicates the default value of the attribute/parameter with its units and identifies the enumeration set used when applicable.

If the attributes/parameters listed in the attribute table apply to the entire module group and no module instance-specific attributes require identification, all attributes/parameters are listed in the table normally. If the module group has module instance-specific attributes/parameters requiring identification, any attributes/parameters applying to the entire module group are listed first under a Module Group Common Attributes row header, then the attributes/parameters applying only to certain instances are listed separately under a Module Instance Name-Specific Attributes row header. For an example of these row headers, see the Balancer Override module group’s attribute table.