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A module is a component, made up of logic blocks, used to create portions of the overall control logic of a system. You use module inputs to influence the state or values that are presented as outputs. You can view and edit modules highlighted in tan, but you should not make changes until you thoroughly understand the default configuration and the effect of changes on the connected outputs. See Configuring a System for information about how to view and modify modules.

Modules are categorized according to function. The modules are visually displayed in these categories (sections/columns) in the UI of the tool (for example, the Network Inputs and Outputs sections). The modules in the sections are automatically added based on the items selected for your system in the System Selection Wizard. For information on this wizard, see the System Selection Tree in the Configuring a System section.

To view the details of a module, right-click and select View Details. The Object Identifier attribute indicates the object by which the input or output is represented. For a description of the attributes of each object see Input and Output Objects

See the following sections for information on the module categories and the individual modules they contain:

See the Upgrading System Files section for a list and description of the module and System Selection changes that were made since the last release of the tool.

The module sections provide descriptions of the modules, indicates where they are used in applications, and identifies their inputs and outputs. See the Module Descriptions section for further descriptions of the type of information provided in this Help system for the modules.