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The selection options for Occupancy are:

  • Cycle During Occupied: This option configures Fan Determination (Fan Determination (Terminal Units)) State Generator module’s input for Fan Cycle to a Yes value. Otherwise, the Fan runs continuously during Occupied Mode. This selection is not available if Fan Controlled By Other is selected.

    • Cycle Fan with Staged Outputs: This option is only enabled if DX Cooling and/or Electric Staged Coils are selected. This selection interlocks the command of the Multi Stage Controllers with the Fan to ensure that only the fan is commanded on when a stage of cooling or heating has been enabled.

  • Turn Fan Off on Loss of Air Flow: This option is available only if Fan Status is selected under the Supply Fan (HP) section.

  • Always Occupied: This option sets the default value of Occupied for the ZN-T Setpoint Determination to Occupied.

  • Scheduled Occupancy: This option creates the interface for the Supervisory system scheduling logic.

    • Override Support: This option creates the local override interfaces from optional Occupancy Sensors or Networked Sensor Temporary Occupancy interfaces.