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Commissioning and servicing tasks include the following:

  1. Transferring CAFs (Transfer Operations and Working with the Trunk Utilities):

    • Make a connection:

      • Bluetooth® connection on SAB

      • Bluetooth connection on FCB

      • NxE Passthru

      • MAP 4.2+/BACnet Router connection

      • ZigBee® Technology connection

      • Direct Ethernet

    • Transfer to computer or transfer to device

  2. If you have VAV Box Controllers, perform a Box Flow test for all the appropriate devices of a MS/TP bus (optional). Repeat this process for other buses (Box Flow Test Overview).

  3. Commission a system (Commissioning a System):

    • Make a connection:

      • Bluetooth connection on Sensor/Actuator Bus (SAB)

      • Bluetooth connection on Field Controller Bus (FCB)

      • NxE Passthru

      • MAP 4.2+/BACnet Router connection

      • ZigBee Technology connection

      • Direct Ethernet

    • Observe the connected application.

    • Test a system in Test mode.

    • Adjust offsets, COVs, and polarity values as necessary.

    • Exit commissioning.

  4. Press File > Save to save the CAF if you made changes during commissioning.