Specifying User Names and Descriptions of Points - Johnson Controls - Metasys - LIT-12011147 - Software Application - Controller Configuration Tool - 13.1

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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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About this task

When you modify user names for the Display, the changes also apply to and appear in the Tool.


  1. Start the tool and open the controller application.
  2. Select the Display widget.
  3. Click Mass Edit in the System Tree Panel.
  4. Find the points to edit by selecting a value from Settings, entering text into the Filter field, or scrolling down the list of points.
  5. Edit the User Name and Description of any points.
    Note: When you click off of the edited cell, the cell turns green to indicate that it has been edited.
  6. Click OK. A dialog box appears to confirm that you want to save the edited values.
  7. Click Yes. The display configuration is saved. This change becomes effective after you transfer the application to the controller. See Transferring the Application of the Display Device.
    Note: The changes you made to the User Name appear in the user interface after you click Yes. The changes appear in the Local Controller Display after you transfer the application to the device.