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See Configuring the Command Hierarchy Block.

Table 1. Command Hierarchy (Enum Output or Boolean Output)



Edit Use to edit the table data.
IO Modifications Enables you to add, remove, or reorder inputs that define the columns in the table in the left pane.
Name Use to enter a name for the block.
Object Identifier Indicates object BACnet ID and instance number.
Input and Outputs Table

Displays both an Inputs and an Outputs table for the selected module/block. These tables include the following data:

  • Name: Name of the input or output.
  • Standard Name: Johnson Controls standard name used for the input or output.
  • Default Value: Default values of the inputs and outputs.
  • Units: Units of measurement used for the inputs and outputs and displays the States Text for enum inputs or outputs.
  • Display Precision: Display Precision value used for the inputs and outputs (for example, 10ths).
  • BACnet Exposed: Indicates whether the input or output parameter is exposed for BACnet systems.

Input Columns (Yellow or Orange Column Headers)

Indicates the name of the input (Boolean Input or Enumeration Output) in which the column is associated.
Note: A yellow table header indicates a connected module and orange indicates that the module is not connected.
Use to drag inputs to reorder the input list.

State Column (Turquoise Column Headers)

Lists the output states of the commands in its rows.

Table Rows (White with Text or Shaded with Asterisks)

White table rows with text indicate the enumeration state or True/False state that is associated with the input column.

Shaded table rows with asterisks indicates that the Command Hierarchy accepts any value for the input.

Up and Down Arrows

Moves the row up or down.


Applies the changes.


Discards the changes.

Close Closes the screen.

Opens the Help system.