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See Modifying an Input or Output Signal.

Table 1. Select Signal Type Window



Current Signal

Current signal type of the point.
Signal Options Filter Use to enter search criteria for sorting applicable Signal Definitions.
Signal Definition

Use to select a different signal for the input or output.

Device Support Indicates whether or not the hardware in your CAF supports the signal type.
Ports Available Indicates whether or not the hardware in your CAF has available ports to support the signal type.
Standard Recommended Indicates whether the signal type is a standard recommendation for the input or output.


Applies the change and closes the dialog box.

Device Assignment 1

To an existing device

Assigns the input or output point with a Network Sensor that exists in your CAF.

To a new device

Creates a new device based on the input or output point and then assigns the point with the new device. For example, if your standard input/output point is ZN-T the tool will create a Network Sensor device to bind your point to.

Device List Displays available devices in the CAF you can bind points to.


Closes the dialog box without applying the change.

Opens the Help system.

1 Appears only for SA bus devices.