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This section allows you to configure the cooling portion of the Simple Central Plant.

  • One Chiller: This option determines if you have a mechanical device that provides chilled water.

  • Primary Chill Water Pumps: This option defines the number of chilled water pumps in the system.

    • One Pump

    • Two Pumps

    • Variable Speed

  • Condenser Water Pumps:If this item is selected, the pumps are controlled as variable speed. If this item is not selected, the pumps are controlled as constant speed. The selection options for Condenser Water System are:

    • Tower Bypass Valve: This option allows a bypass valve to control condenser water temperature.

    • Cooling Tower Fan: This option allows a cooling tower to control condenser water temperature.

      • Single Speed

      • Two Speed

      • Three Speed

      • Variable Speed