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The purpose of the Equipment Interlock primitive is to remove equipment from service when either a maintenance or lockout switch is set to Disable or a mismatch exists between the Device Status and Command after a delay time expires.
Note: A mismatch is only detected when the Command is on and the Device Status is off. It is not detected when the Device Status is on and the Command is off, such as when equipment is manually turned on.

Be sure to review the installation Setup, Output Delay, and Lost Status parameters to make sure they are suitable for a particular installation. For example, the Output Delay should represent the amount of time after commanding a device that if that device does not give matching status, there may be a mechanical problem.

Both the maintenance switch and the lockout switch inputs indicate the device is offline and unavailable for sequencing. When the application detects the Maintenance switch is set to Disable, the chiller is removed from rotation. When the lockout switch is set to Alarm, the pump or cooling tower is removed from rotation. In the selection tree, you can choose hardware or network lockout and maintenance switches.

In the selection tree, a maintenance switch option is available for chillers. Pumps, towers, and heat exchangers have a lockout switch option.