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All Rooftop Applications use the core logic listed as follows:

Network Inputs

  • APP-MODE (Application Mode)

  • TUNING-RESET: This module is used to reset the tuning parameters to the default values present after the initial transfer to the device.

See the Network Input Modules section.

State Generation

  • Application Mode Determination: This module separates out the Water Flush application mode for separate connection to State Selection and passes the remaining application modes to State Selection.

  • Water System Flush Pass Through (Pass Through): This module passes the Water Flush system mode to a separate State Selection input so that when water flush is requested, the valves always open .

  • Mixed Air Single Duct HR Sequencing (Occupied Sequencing (AHU MASD w HR) v51)

  • PID Tuning Reset: This module forces every output controller to reset the Proportional Band and Integral time of every PID to default values based on current process ID.

Output Control