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The Air Handling Unit configuration portion of Multizone (Mixed Air Dual Duct) applications use the core logic listed as follows. The following modules are loaded if the AHU Only or AHU + Zones configuration options are selected.

Network Inputs

  • APP-MODE (Application Mode)

  • TUNING-RESET: This module is used to reset the tuning parameters to the default values present after the initial transfer to the device.

See the Network Input Modules section.


  • CD-T (Cold Deck Temperature)

See the Input Modules section.

State Generation

  • Start Stop Sequencing (AHU Mixed Air)

  • Application Mode Determination: This module separates out the Water Flush application mode for separate connection to State Selection and passes the remaining application modes to State Selection.
  • Water System Flush Pass Through (Pass Through): This module passes the Water Flush system mode to a separate State Selection input so that when water flush is requested, the valves always open.

  • Mixed Air Cold Duct Sequencing (Occupied Sequencing (AHU MADD))

  • PID Tuning Reset: This module forces every output controller to reset the Proportional Band and Integral time of every PID to default values based on current process ID.

Output Control