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Controller Configuration Tool
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Any selection from this section loads an alarm management module into the application. These modules are named [Device] Alarms, where [Device] is replaced by the equipment reference. These modules connect all of the alarm inputs to a single alarm output and manage the alarm reset and reset type for each input. In addition to the four inputs this module can manage, there is an additional input for Cascaded OR Input, which is intended to be connected to another [Device] Alarms module if necessary. Only a single alarm reset input is created for each type of manual reset (Network Input or Binary Input) per application. If your application requires a manual reset per alarm, this requires custom programming work.
  • Lockout Switch: This input indicates that service work is being done on the equipment, and the equipment does not operate until this input is cleared.

  • Motor Overload Tripped/Frequency Converter Fault: These options are mutually exclusive. The Motor Overload option is available for constant speed motors, and the Frequency Converter Fault option is available for variable speed motors. Either input denotes an issue with the motor control device and indicates that current is not flowing to the motor.

  • Belt Alarm: This option indicates that there is a failure in the drive belt for the equipment.