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These selections provide the logic to control a Reheat coil.

Reheat cannot be selected if Common Heating-Cooling is selected.

The Reheat Gas Bonnet Switch is only supported for Zone or Return Control (not DA-T Reset) when the unit has an opportunity to use it for triggering startup. This is the case when Cycle During Occupied or Intermittent Night Operation is selected. In addition, if a Preheat coil is selected and Sequenced with the Main Control Strategy, the Reheat Gas Bonnet Switch is not allowed.

The option for Two Proportional Valves is intended for two sequenced steam valves. This option does not support including Face and Bypass Damper or Circulation Pump controls.

The Remain in Control Shutdown Strategy is available only when a proportional valve is selected (with either proportional or incremental actuator).

The Loss of Airflow Strategy options are available only when the Automatic Restart option for the Supply Fan Status Loss of Airflow Strategy is selected.