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The next two sections define the type of coil in the air handler. Staged heating may be used for staged electric or gas heat. There are several options available for staged coils.

Device Rotation rotates the first stage so that the stages get approximately equal runtime. This can be used to keep the dust burnt off electric heating coils that do not commonly energize all stages. This may not be appropriate for some staged gas heating coils.

Gas Bonnet Switch adds a binary input to monitor a temperature switch mounted in the heat exchanger portion of the gas heating coil. This starts the supply fan when there is heat available and keeps the fan running until the heat exchanger is cooled off. This option is not available unless you have selected the Cycle During Occupied option in the Temperature Control Strategy section.

Note: The Gas Bonnet Switch is only supported for Zone or Return Control (not Discharge Air Control) when the unit has an opportunity to use it for triggering startup. This is the case when the unit is Sequenced with Main Control Strategy and Cycle During Occupied or Intermittent Night Operation are selected. If these options are not selected, the Gas Bonnet Switch may not be selected.

The No Flow Lockout option prevents the staged coil from being energized when the fan status is not ON.

The High Temperature Lockout option adds a binary input to monitor a temperature switch located in the discharge of the coil and turns off the staged heat in the event the temperature exceeds the switch setpoint.

Number of Stages can be set from one to eight.