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Important: If the Field Controller family Accumulator (Counter Input) object is used, the main code of the Field Controller family device must be at Release 5.0 or later.

The Accumulator object allows you to count pulses, which are often provided by energy meters. The accumulator objects can feed their Present Values to the Pulse Meter Object. The Accumulator object is also referred to as the Counter Input object.

Table 1 describes the MS/TP field bus accumulator object and how to add it to the system. The Integration (Device) Type column indicates the type of integration and device in which the accumulator object resides.

Table 1. Accumulator Types

Integration (Device) Type


Steps and Tips

MS/TP Field Bus (Field Controller Family BACnet Device)

Provides integration of pulse meters integrated to the Dry Contact Pulsed (MISC-MTR) binary input of a Field Controller family BACnet device. The tool creates an Accumulator object for the pulse meter input of the Field Controller family BACnet device. This Field Controller accumulator is shadowed by the Supervisory Controller.
Note: A Field Controller accumulator object is mapped at the Supervisory Controller via the Insert Point Wizard.
To add an accumulator from a Field Controller family BACnet device on an MS/TP field bus:
  1. From the system user interface, add an MS/TP field bus.
  2. Add a Field Controller family BACnet device that contains a visible accumulator (defined by the tool).
  3. Map the accumulator at the Supervisory Controller (that is, add the Accumulator point to the mapped field device using the Insert Point Wizard).

Figure 1 illustrates the interaction between the accumulator and the Supervisory Controller.

Figure 1. Accumulator Interaction

A Field Controller family BACnet device that resides on the MS/TP field bus has a binary input with a Dry Contact Pulsed signal (MISC-MTR) created in the tool. See Adding an Input or Miscellaneous Input in the Configuring a System section for the procedure on how to add an input; however, make sure you select the Dry Contact Pulsed signal to add the Miscellaneous Metered Binary input (MISC-MTR). This provides a Field Controller accumulator. The Field Controller accumulator has BACnet Prescale, Units, and Limit Monitoring Interval attributes that interact with the accumulator in the Supervisory Controller via the prescaled Present Value.