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For the P2000 configuration, to access control system configuration and settings, complete the following steps:


  1. Contact the P2000 administrator of the facility for access to the P2000 server. The P2000 XML RPC service must be running.
  2. For operators, to configure the external IP and password, open the P2000 configurator, click Operator, click Add, enter the appropriate information, and click OK.
  3. To configure the external IP, open System Configuration, edit Site Parameters, click External IP, and configure the IP address of the system in which the internal APIs are deployed.
  4. In the Edit Site Parameters window, click Edit and XmlRpc Tab and then choose Base64 as the password mode and click OK.
  5. Ensure that the P2000 RMS service and RTL service are running in Services.msc for the P2000 RMS service configuration.
  6. Open a remote server, configure any port that is free, preferably 38000, and configure IP as the IP address of the P2000 server.