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CSDSC Series VFD and Constant Volume Current Switch Catalog Page

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CSDSC Series VFD and Constant Volume Current Switch
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CSDSC switches include the following features:

  • Self-calibrating for proof of flow.
  • From 1 A to 135 A at minimum 30 Hz. From 1.5 A at 20 Hz. From 2.5 A at 10 Hz.
  • Normally open (NO) 30 VAC/DC output.
  • Optional command relay.
  • Depth, 2.50 in.; height, 0.82 in.; width, 2.23 in.
  • Aperture dimensions: 0.75 in. x 0.75 in. You can use the switch for oversize conductors due to the large 0.75 in. aperture.
  • Mount the sensor without removing the conductor, which reduces installation costs.
  • Clamp the switch onto the conductor with the iris, use the detachable base to screw, or DIN mount.
Self-calibration for proof of flow on fans and pumps
  • Works without the need for sensor calibration.
  • No need to open hot starter enclosures, which increases safety and reduces labor costs.
  • The sensor is always correctly adjusted.
Split-core with optional command relay
  • Simplified installation, which reduces component and installation space and cost.
  • Facilitate Normally Closed operation or a higher electrical rating.
Maintenance-free. No call backs
  • Facilitates fan-proofing with less installation time and risk.
  • No pressure tap or dust clogging the hose.
Eliminates hazardous calibration in energized enclosures
  • Eliminates risk associated with guesswork, multi-turn adjustments, or sensor training.
  • Reduces the risk of arc flash.
Setpoint operation
Detects normal current flow for both VFD and constant volume fans and pumps. For an example of a VFD normal current setpoint curve, see the following figure.
Figure 1. Normal flow detection