Installing firmware updates - Johnson Controls - LIT-12013860 - CE360 Critical Environment Display

CE360 Critical Environment Display Installation Guide

Johnson Controls
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CE360 Critical Environment Display
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Installation Guide
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  1. If you already use the CE360 controller, or have previously configured the controller, perform an onboard backup before you apply the update. From the CE360 display, select Settings > About > Settings > Save Settings and click Proceed.
  2. Extract the downloaded file to a convenient location on your computer. Click Firmware > v1.0.CE-458.
    Note: Do not extract the file inside the firmware folder.
  3. Click CE360 > Utility > Executable. Launch the FlashTools application on the computer and log in with admin as both the ID and password. Select the check box to remember login settings and click Login
  4. Connect a USB Type A to Micro USB-B data cable from the computer to the display’s Micro USB connector at the back of the enclosure.
    Note: An incomplete flash can leave the display in an unresponsive state that is not field recoverable. Before you start the flashing process, ensure that the computer power, 24 VAC display power, and USB connection are all secure.
  5. In the upper right of the FlashTools window, click the folder icon.
  6. Navigate to CE360 > Firmware > v1.0.CE-458. Click OK. The location and file name appear in the top bar of FlashTools.
  7. Click Execute in the FlashTools window. Click Yes to confirm parameter settings. FlashTools then extracts the firmware zip file and begins the flashing process.
  8. When the process is complete, FlashTools displays a message to confirm the process was successful.
    Note: Do not unplug the device until after the pop-up window confirms a successful flash.
  9. When the display user interface appears, unplug the Micro USB cable, and verify or set the MAC address at Settings > Network > MAC Address.
  10. To power cycle the display, re-connect the SA Bus to the controller and restore the 24 VAC power source.
  11. When the CE360 starts, it establishes communication with the controller and utilizes the display configuration defined in the controller's CAF file. Verify correct operation of the display, local settings, display order, and user accounts. To restore local settings, select Settings > About > Settings > Restore Settings.
  12. Re-mount the controller to the wall.
    Note: FlashTools can update up to five displays simultaneously with the same firmware. This requires that all displays connect to the computer through a USB hub, and a daisy-chained power supply to each display. Follow the same procedure described in Installing the firmware update. The process only completes after all devices restart. A notice appears if any device fails to boot within three minutes. If this happens, disconnect the devices that restarted successfully, and execute the flash process again for the devices that did not restart.