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CE360 Critical Environment Display Installation Guide

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CE360 Critical Environment Display
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Installation Guide
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The CE360 uses the prefix characters in the page names of the display object to distinguish between different rooms and tiles. The CE360 uses the two page name types RX_PRO_<name> and RX_TILE_<name>. For more information, see the following table.

  • Each room uses the RX_ prefix. Pages with the same prefix mean the pages are in the same room.
  • The R1_PRO_ prefix specifies the properties page for each room. The prefix contains the points related within a room but does not have their own tile on the display. The properties are available on the first tile of each room.
    Table 1. Prefix elements
    Prefix element Description
    R Is the room.
    X Index of the room. For example, the first room is 1, the second room is 2, and so on.
    _ End character of the prefix.
    <name> Room name.
    TILE_ Specifies the page has its own tile on the display.