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On your Johnson Controls provided computer there is a Microsoft built-in capability called Auto-Tuning. This dynamically adjusts computer activity to optimize performance. The Windows Auto-Tuning feature improves performance for programs that receive TCP data over a network. This feature is disabled by default for programs that use the Windows HTTP Services (WinHTTP) interface. The default for Windows Auto-tuning is Normal.

Note: If this setting impacts any other feature on your computer, the instructions allow you to adjust Auto-Tuning back to Disabled.

If your large file transfer speed on the Johnson Controls computer is much slower than your network speed, try to enable or disable Windows Auto-Tuning. If you change this setting, it can improve overall transfer speeds. Some users have reported that turning this feature on can improve the transfer speed and others have stated that turning the feature off has improved their transfer speeds. You might experience slower data transfers or loss of connectivity if your network uses an older router and a firewall that does not support this feature.