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About this task

If the registration request is for an internal user, the manager receives an email notification. The manager clicks on the hyperlink labelled as here and a new page opens in the browser window to login and approve the request.


  1. Log in to approve or reject the request.
    Note: If the request is approved or rejected, an email notification will be sent to the user.
    Note: Upon approval, the internal user will be added to the SWM group.
  2. Choose a role for the user; this can be changed while approving the request.
    Note: If the role is Technician, after approval of the request, the system will grant license portal access to the user and the status of the request is set to Approved.
    Note: If the role is BLM, the request will go to Support for next level approval and the status will change from Pending with Manager to Pending . The ability to request the BLM role as part of resgistration is not supported in the current release.
  3. Click Deny or Approve.
    Note: An email is sent to the user regarding any action taken against the registration request.
    Note: If a request is partially approved, an email notification will not be sent.
    Note: If the manager revisits the request again after taking any action in the past, the system will display all details as read-only and a Close button will replace the Deny and Approve buttons.