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The Requests tab displays a list of technician license requests with a notification for any new, unread requests. BLMs can view and perform actions on requests associated with their branch. Super BLMs can view and perform actions on requests associated with any branch. You can click Mark All as Read to remove the indicator from all the unread requests of the Requests tab. BLMs and Super BLMs can filter requests by status: approved, denied, or pending.

Table 1. Requests table overview
Column name Description
Read Displays a red notification if the request is not read, and is blank if the support ticket is read.

Displays the branch of the requester.

Requested By Displays the name of the requester.

Displays the current status of a request. A status can be approved, denied, or pending.

Last Changed

Displays the date and time the request's status last changed.


Displays a View button to view closed requests and approve or deny open requests.

Viewing closed requests

To view details of closed requests, click View in the Actions column. The Ticket Details dialog box appears with details of the technician license request and past technician license requests. For the past technician license requests information, the following information displays:
  • date requested
  • current status
  • system ID - if the current status is activated
  • expiration date - if the current status is activated or available