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Branch License Manager License Portal Help

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Software Licensing
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This document describes how a Branch License Manager (BLM) can use the License Portal to view customer orders for Johnson Controls® software and manage requests for technician software licenses for their designated branch. It also describes how Super BLMs can view customer orders and manage technician requests from any branch.

The License Portal displays multiple tabs to view information and perform actions. Additional information on each tab is found in a dedicated section of the License Portal Help.

You use the License Portal with the Software Manager to manage licenses for Johnson Controls software. Refer to Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389) for more information.

You can access the License Portal at the following link:

Note: The Software Manager application replaces the Software Activation Manager (SAM) application that was previously provided with licensable software. In general, any licensing-related processes described in this document that involve using the Software Manager may be accomplished in a similar manner using the older Software Activation Manager. If you are still using the Software Activation Manager, refer to its Help documentation for details.