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License deactivation is the process of removing an activated license. You can deactivate a purchased license to make it available for activation on another machine. Deactivation also applies if the machine's operating system or hardware is being replaced which could change the system ID and invalidate the license. The license cannot be reactivated (reused) until you complete all the deactivation steps.

Note: You are not able to complete a deactivation through the Deactivate tab if the machine where the license was activated is no longer available, non-operational, or has a changed system ID. For these cases, you must contact Johnson Controls sales support to manually deactivate the license.

If the software license you want to deactivate is on a machine that is not connected to the Internet, use the offline deactivation method available in the License Portal.

In the Deactivate tab you can start a new offline deactivation or complete an in-progress deactivation.

Use an online deactivation if the machine on which the license is installed has an Internet connection. Refer to Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389) for information on how to use the online deactivation method.