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In the Activate tab, you can download software and then activate the software license through the License Portal. You need the AOMS order number for commercial licenses and the product key for sales trial and demo licenses. See License types for more information on the different license types.

You can use the Activate tab to start an offline activation process for commercial, trial, and demo licenses that are installed on a machine without an Internet connection. You can complete online activations in the Software Manager if a machine has an Internet connection. For a commercial license, the Activate tab also provides access to the associated product key and software download.

Note: Sales trial licenses are used with software installed on customer computers. Demo licenses are used with software installed on a Johnson Controls computer to allow sales to demo software to prospective Johnson Controls customers. The availability of trial and demo licenses for a product are at a product manager's discretion and are available only for certain products.

The actions available in the Choose Action menu depend on if an AOMS order number is entered or a product key is entered for sales demo and sales trial licenses.

If you enter an AOMS order number, the following actions are available:

If you enter a product key for sales demo or sales trial licenses, the following actions are available: