Wiring the BACnet Router - Johnson Controls - Part No. 24-10050-57 - Gateway/Router

BACnet Router Installation Instructions

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Part No. 24-10050-57
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Important: Do not connect 24 VAC supply power to the BACnet Router before finishing wiring and checking all wiring connections. Short circuits or improperly connected wires may result in permanent damage to the equipment.
Important: Use copper conductors only. Make all wiring in accordance with local, national, and regional regulations. The BACnet Router is a low-voltage (<30 VAC) device. Do not exceed the BACnet Router electrical ratings.
Important: Do not remove the terminal block keys. The terminal block plugs and the terminal sockets are keyed to fit together in the correct configuration only.
Important: Prevent any static electric discharge to the BACnet Router. Static electric discharge can damage the BACnet Router and void any warranties.
Important: Make sure the building automation network wiring meets the specifications, rules, and guidelines in the Power Supply, Network, and Bus Connections section in this document.

Mount the BACnet Router securely before wiring the BACnet Router. See the Mounting section.

Follow these guidelines when wiring a BACnet Router:

  • Route the supply power wires and communication cables at least 50 mm (2 in.) away from the vent slots on the sides of the BACnet Router housing.
  • Provide slack in the wires and cables. Keep cables routed neatly around the BACnet Router to promote good ventilation, LED visibility, and ease of service.

To wire the BACnet Router:

  1. Connect the Ethernet communication cable to the RJ-45, 8-pin Ethernet port as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Connect the 3-wire MS/TP Bus cable to the removable 4-terminal plug as shown in Figure 1 (labeled MS/TP Bus).
    Note: When the BACnet Router is connected to an MS/TP Bus, you must set the EOL switch to the proper position. See the Setting the End-of-Line Switch section.
    Figure 1. MS/TP Bus Terminal Block and Wiring Connections

  3. Connect the 24 VAC supply power wires from the transformer to the removable 3-terminal plug as shown in Figure 2. The middle terminal is not used.

Power supply wire colors may be different on transformers not manufactured by Johnson Controls. Follow the transformer manufacturer’s instructions or the project installation drawings.

The 24 VAC power should be connected to all network devices so transformer phasing is uniform across the devices. Powering devices with uniform 24 VAC supply power phasing reduces noise, interference, and ground loop problems. The BACnet Router does not require an earth ground connection.

Figure 2. VAC Supply Power Wiring