Data Protection Battery - Johnson Controls - Part No. 24-10050-57 - Gateway/Router

BACnet Router Installation Instructions

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Part No. 24-10050-57
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The BACnet Router is shipped with the data protection battery installed and connected. Do not disconnect the battery for any reason other than to replace a defective battery.

The 24 VAC supply power to the BACnet Router charges the data protection battery. At initial startup, the battery may require a charging period of at least 4 hours before it supports data protection if power fails. Maximum protection (up to 3 consecutive power failures without recharging time) requires a 15-hour charging period.

The data protection battery slowly loses charge when 24 VAC power is removed from the BACnet Router. If the battery completely loses charge, the BACnet Router real-time clock stops.

Whenever the BACnet Router is disconnected from 24 VAC power for over 30 days, ensure that the real-time clock is set properly (from the user interface) and that the BACnet Router is powered long enough to recharge the data protection battery.