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BACnet Router Installation Instructions

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Table 1. BACnet Router LED Designations, Normal Status, and Descriptions
LED Designations Normal Status Description/Other Conditions
POWER (Green) On Steady On Steady = Unit is getting power from either the battery or 24 VAC power. Off Steady = Unit is shut down.
ETHERNET (Green) Flicker Flicker = Data is transferring on the Ethernet connection. Ethernet traffic is general traffic (may not be for the BACnet Router). Off Steady = No Ethernet traffic, probably indicates a dead Ethernet network or a lost Ethernet connection.
10/LINK (Green) On Steady On Steady = Ethernet connection is established at 10 Mbps.
100/LINK (Green) On Steady On Steady = Ethernet connection is established at 100 Mbps.
MS/TP (Green) Flicker Flicker = Normal communications; the MS/TP Bus is transmitting and receiving data. Flickers are generally in sync with data transmission but should not be used to indicate specific transmission times. Off Steady = No field controllers are defined on MS/TP Bus of the BACnet Router.
PEER COM (Green) Flicker Flicker = Data traffic is occurring between the BACnet Router and the BCPro Workstation if the BACnet Router is configured with the BCPro Workstation as its Site Director. A flickering LED indicates regular heartbeat communications with the Site Director. Off Steady = The BACnet Router is not reporting to a BCPro Workstation.
RUN (Green) On Steady On Steady = BACnet Router software is running. On 1 second, Off 1 second = BACnet Router software is in startup mode. On 0.5 seconds, Off 0.5 seconds = BACnet Router software is shutting down. Off Steady = Operating system is shutting down or software is not running.
BAT FAULT (Red) Off Steady On Steady = Battery defective. Flicker = Data Protection Battery is not installed. Connect or install battery.
FAULT (Red) Off Steady On Steady = General Fault. Fault conditions are user configurable in software. Pre-configured fault conditions include excessive CPU flash or memory use, and excessive printed wire board temperature.