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AD-1272 Advanced Thermal Dispersion Probe Airflow Measuring System SA Bus Integration Application Note

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For a list of available data points that you can map into the Equipment Controller for AD-1272 devices, see Table 1. The table headings are as follows:
BACnet object
The ID of a mapped BACnet object.
The name of the data point in the CCT.
The description of the data point in the CCT.
Input/output. The type of data point in the CCT:
  • In indicates input
  • Out indicates output
Access to the data point:
  • R indicates read only
  • W indicates write only
  • R/W indicates read/write. Use the EasyCAF tool to add this data point to miscellaneous inputs if necessary.
Value type
The type of data.
Update rate
How often the data point checks for the value on the SA Bus.
Measuring system
The measuring system in the CCT:
  • Imp indicates imperial measurements
  • Met indicates metric measurements
  • Both indicates both imperial and metrics measurements
Engineering unit
The engineering unit of the data point that depends on the measuring system.
Points that belong to the same application are marked with a check symbol. The header of the column contains the application ID. For the details of each application, see Table 2. In Table 1, each application column header contains a letter to identify the application in Table 2.

Some data points are dependent on one another because a BACnet object can be mapped in the package more than one time to form a group of dependent points. The group is highlighted with the same background in the following table. You can only select either no point, or one point from the group.

Table 1. Data points for AD-1272 SA Bus device
BACnet object Name Description Input/Output Access Value type Update rate Measuring system Engineering unit Application
AV1 T Temperature In R Float 6 s Imp °F      
Met °C
AV2 AF Airflow In R Float 2 s Imp ft3/s    
Met l/s
AV2 AF Airflow In R Float 2 s Imp ft3/min    
Met l/min
AV2 AF Airflow In R Float 2 s Imp ft3/h    
Met m3/h
Table 2. Applications for AD-1272 SA Bus device
Application ID Application name and units Comment
A Airflow [l/s, ft3/s] Airflow in l/s or ft3/s units
B Airflow [l/min, ft3/min] Airflow in l/min or ft3/min units
C Airflow [m3/h, ft3/h] Airflow in m3/h or ft3/h units