Component requirements - Johnson Controls - LIT-12014421 - AD-1272 - Airflow Measuring Station - AFMS

AD-1272 Advanced Thermal Dispersion Probe Airflow Measuring System SA Bus Integration Application Note

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To integrate the AD-1272, you need the following components:
  • A configured AD-1272 device.
  • A programmable Equipment Controller that runs firmware version or later. The 11.0 firmware is present in the Metasys field controller packages bundle or later, available from the License Portal.
  • Version or higher of the JC_SA_BusDevicePackages.jcpkg SA Bus package file, available from the License Portal.
  • An interface to commission the Equipment Controller. This includes MAP Gateway, Connected Workflow Wireless MS/TP Converter (CWCVT), Supervisor Passthru, or direct Ethernet.
  • The following software tools:
    • Package importer
    • CCT 16.0 or later
    • Optional: EasyCAF
  • Licenses:
    • CCT
    • Metasys field controller packages
    • JC SA Bus device packages
    • Optional: EasyCAF