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AD-1272 Advanced Thermal Dispersion Probe Airflow Measuring System SA Bus Integration Application Note

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The Johnson Controls Sensor Actuator (SA) Bus is a private BACnet® MS/TP bus that connects Equipment Controllers to endpoint devices, such as Input/Output Modules (IOMs), Expansion Modules (XPMs), network thermostats, network sensors, and variable speed drives.

The GSAB feature uses the proprietary Johnson Controls SA Bus to integrate third-party devices into the Equipment Controllers. Most third-party BACnet devices integrate into Metasys systems through the Field Controller (FC) Bus of a supervisory controller.

Use the GSAB feature to enable the local integration of these devices on the SA Bus of Equipment Controllers. This increases the total number of devices a BAS network can support on one supervisory controller and enables the inclusion of third-party field devices as part of the Equipment Controller applications. Equipment controllers can access the BACnet data points and perform read, write, command, reset detection, and device validation on connected third-party devices through GSAB integration.

During the commissioning of an Equipment Controller, configure GSAB integrated devices in a similar way to standard SA Bus devices.

Figure 1. Devices connected to the Equipment Controller on the SA Bus
Figure 2. Devices connected to SNC Network Control Engine on the SA Bus