Wireless Enabled Field Controllers (WEFC) - Facility Explorer - LIT-12013796 - Wireless Device - WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series

WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus for Facility Explorer Systems Technical Bulletin

Facility Explorer
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WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series
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Technical Bulletin
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The WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus System provides wireless BACnet connectivity between field controllers, expansion modules, or TEC31xx controllers with a supervisory controller.

In addition, the ZFR183x Pro system provides wireless communication between WEFCs and WRZ Series Sensors. Each wireless-enabled controller can support up to nine WRZ Series Sensors for multi-zone or averaging applications, or for high/low temperature or humidity selection in a zone.

Only the TEC31xx series of thermostats support ZFR183x Pro Series wireless. Non-wireless TEC3xxxs cannot be field modified to support wireless. Their applications also do not support WRZ sensors.

  • The Wireless Enabled Field Controllers can use the ZFR1831 Router without any required firmware updates or settings. To be fully compatible, use WEFC firmware version 6.2.1054 and later.
  • The TEC31xx includes an embedded ZFR1831 Pro Router and can only be used on a ZFR183x Pro Series Network.
  • You cannot intermix ZFR183x Pro Series and older ZFR182x Pro Series and ZFR181x Series wireless devices on the same wireless PAN. However, you can intermix ZFR and ZFR Pro Series devices on separate PANs using separate coordinators under the same supervisory controller.