WRZ Series Sensors - Facility Explorer - LIT-12013796 - Wireless Device - WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series

WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus for Facility Explorer Systems Technical Bulletin

Facility Explorer
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WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series
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Technical Bulletin
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Depending on the sensor model, the WRZ Series Sensors transmit temperature, setpoint, humidity, occupancy status, and low battery conditions to an associated WEFC. If the field controller is mapped to the supervisory controller, the wireless sensor data displays through the UI.

During normal operation, the WRZ sensors are typically in a suspended sleep mode to conserve on battery. They periodically wake up, read their sensor values, and send the sensor data to the associated controller. The wake up time varies depending on sensor type and changes in values. Adjusting the setpoint dial or pushbutton or pressing the Manual Occupancy Override causes the sensor to wake-up immediately and send its data.

To further conserve battery when used in a ZFR1831 system, the WRZ sensors hold off sending their sensor data if there has been no significant change in values for up to 15 minutes. This feature can more than double the life of the battery. You can adjust this maximum wake time at the WRG UI when the installation requires faster update times at the expense of longer battery life.

During startup and commissioning or in a power-outage situation, the associated controller may be shut down for extended periods of time.

To conserve on battery usage during construction phase while communication with the network coordinator is intermittent, the WRZ sensor adjusts its wake-up time to much longer periods (once every 30 minutes or once per day after 72 hours of inactivity). This may cause the sensors to be offline to the system until they wake up again.

If you adjust the setpoint or press the Manual Occupancy Override, it causes the sensor to wake up and begin its normal update sequence.

  • WRZ sensors part number must end with "-2" to be compatible with the ZFR183x Pro System.
  • WRZ sensors are backward compatible with the older ZFR181x and ZFR182x Pro Series of wireless.
  • Configure the Analog Inputs (AIs) on all WRZ Sensors as SA Bus devices, the same as with hardwired NS Series Sensors.
  • The WRZ Series Sensors are designed for indoor, intra-building applications only.
  • The WRZ Series Sensors require two 1.5 VDC AA alkaline batteries. The WRZ sensors support an adjustable data transmission rate between 1-15 minutes to minimize power consumption. This can yield expected battery life of up to 10 years (model dependent).
  • The extended battery life feature is only available when used on the WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series.