Guidelines for Locating Thermostats and Wireless Sensors - Facility Explorer - LIT-12013796 - Wireless Device - WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series

WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus for Facility Explorer Systems Technical Bulletin

Facility Explorer
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WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series
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Technical Bulletin
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For best temperature sensing and control, follow the same best practices used to locate a hardwired temperature control, sensor, or thermostat when locating wireless sensors:

  • Avoid enclosed or recessed locations and locations behind curtains, doors, or other obstructions to the controlled space.
  • Avoid locations near entry foyers, doors, windows, supply air ducts, and pipes.
  • Avoid locations exposed to drafts, direct sunlight, and other sources of heat or cooling.
  • Avoid locations where the wireless products could be exposed to excessive vibration.
  • Locate the wireless products on an interior wall for easy access, at least 1.4 m (54 in.) above the floor, in an area where the temperature is representative of the entire zone.